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Infrared Imaging Survey

Texas Data Center is an experienced provider of infrared inspection services for data centers, critical sites, commercial buildings and residential homes. Infrared inspections provide invaluable data for maintenance providers to expand their predictive maintenance programs.  IR inspection programs can provide a quick return on investment through reduced downtimes, increased protection of equipment, and energy savings.  Applications include infrared inspection of your electrical distribution system, mechanical systems, building envelope, and moisture detection.

Depending on the criticality of your site, uptime is often a Data Centers most vital concern. Electrical failures are frequently the sited cause of outages and the results can be loss of revenue, customers, and creditability.  A thoroughly managed PM program with a minimum of one annual IR imaging survey is a great way to ensure your site is available 24/7/365.

Texas Data Center takes pride in providing the best service using the very best equipment in the industry. We currently deploy FlukeThermal imagers, 10 Mega Pixel DSLR cameras for visual inspections, as well as the newly released Fluke CNX Wireless trending multi-meters.



Every service and report performed by Texas Data Center will contain:


  • A visual and mechanical inspection

  • Removal of all necessary covers

  • An inspection of physical, electrical, and mechanical conditions

  • A readout of load and power readings

  • A thermographic inspection


In our report we will also provide:


  • A scope and summary of the inspection

  • Identification of load conditions at time of inspection for all equipment

  • Evidence of abnormalities in operating equipment

  • Proof of temperature difference between areas of concern and reference areas

  • Probable cause of temperature difference and recommendations

  • Thermograms of the deficient areas and visible light photographs when necessary




How We Really Go Above and Beyond

  • A thermogram and visual image is taken of every piece of equipment we inspect.

  • You will receive digital copies of all images whether an abnormality was reported or not.  This way we can easily refer back to these images during our next annual scan to monitor degrading equipment, thus saving you time and money.

  • You will receive your report and images in multiple formats:

              -2 full color bond copies

              -Digitally in your choice of DVD, Blue ray, or SD card

  • We will also hold a digital archive on our servers for your access

  • The flexibility to perform the inspections during or after hours at no extra charge.

Infrared Imaging at Texas Data Center
Infrared Imaging Survey
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